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ZiFi Worksite Communications

Many worksites are in locations where you cannot get a single bar on your phone,

but life and business do not stop when you lose signal.

With ZiFi Worksite Communications you won’t miss a thing—no matter where you are! Not only will your phone work great, your entire worksite will be flooded with high-speed Wi-Fi (not just your office shack).


Flood your ENTIRE worksite with reliable high-speed WiFi and phone communications.

  • No expensive setup fees

  • No more dropped calls

  • No more running to the shack to make a call


What Our Customers Are Saying

Wifi calling has been pretty iffy up until now. Now, I show up on site and literally put my phone on airplane mode blocking all cellular data and enable wifi calling. Inside the shack or across the lease I am making and receiving calls with zero issues.  In addition, I am saving the oil company thousands of dollars in cellular communications rental equipment and cutting down on the number of services I need to get my site set up. Steve and his group at Zinger have hit it out of the park with his new ZiFi calling!

Kevin Raabish
KR Consulting & Contracting Ltd
Zifi Steve.jpg

Zinger and ZiFi have bridged the gap to having reliable and cost effective communications on our most remote projects. We have had over 50 people on site with reliable and fast connection.

P.J. Hoofd
Facility Inspector
Westbrick Energy
Shack Router.jpg

Call Zinger and try ZiFi today!




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